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Beauty, Health and Harmony

Renee LMT MMP 

Renee is a certified Medical Massage Practitioner. “I've been practicing for over 20 years, and still find myself passionate to help others find comfort and healing.”  Her experiences are in many modalities, such as Lymphatic,Therapeutic,Neuromuscular ,Sports,Prenatal, Deep Tissue,Swedish and Relaxation.

"I am committed to help your body return back to comfort, and have a deep understanding how the  body works. It has been a life long experience becoming medically trained to assess the body and how to correct imbalances.  My father was a surgeon and my 5 siblings are in the medical field as well. Even as a child and an athlete, I acknowledged early that our bodies have an uncanny way of healing ourselves,especially through touch therapy." Renee Ouellette LMT,MMP MA#29838