Beauty, Health and Harmony

Australian-born celebrity trainer, with over 30 years of experience in fitness and wellness She has a BaSc in Kinesiology and is a Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial/Cryofascial Release certified therapist. In addition, she holds certifications in Precision Nutrition m, CPR/AED First Aid Adult/Infant, TRX Suspension Training, Kettlebell Level 1&2 and is a Schwinn Spin Instructor.

B. (Bemer) S. (Stretch) T. (Trigger Point Therapy)

The wait is over. Combination therapy using Bemer (Bio-electromagnetic and microcirculation), stretching and foam rolling to release body tension. Nikki’s technique is individually tailored to deliver permanent results in range of motion, muscle release and circulation. Relax. Breathe. Release.

30 Minute B. S. T.

Mild Stretch Release with Bemer.

Relax with a full-body therapeutic 30-minute stretch. Release and relieve tight muscles with foam rolling and cryfascial tools, along with gentle traction. Transport your body to a better alignment and functionality. Increase circulation and range of motion and reduce overall tension for optimal wellness.

45 minute B. S. T.

Stretch with Bemer and Deep Tissue/PNF Stretch/Trigger Point Therapy.

Full-body deep tissue foam and cryofascial rolling, to improve body posture, circulation, range of motion and kinetic chain misalignments. Improve your mobility, while reducing inflammation, muscle and joint pain. Therapy incorporates multiple modalities, such as Proprio-neuroreceptive (PNF) tension stretches and timed traction holds, along with rolling, to unlock blocks, with permanent relief.

60 Minute B. S. T.

Stretch with Bemer and Varied Pressure Tissue/PNF Stretch/Trigger Point Therapy.

Full-body alternating pressure foam rolling/cryofascial rolling and timed tension stretching, to permanently correct long-term alignment issues, injuries and scar tissue/adhesions, tightness, poor circulation and gait issues. Detailed and personalized. Stretch. Breathe. Release.