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Beauty, Health and Harmony

Jennifer Andrews (owner of Harmony Eco Spa) 

Jennifer has 25+years experience as a professional holistic hair stylist, makeup artist, bridal specialist and skin therapist. She is a leader in the natural health and beauty industry with her work published on the front covers of multiple beauty magazines, NYC fashion week and TV/Film hair,makeup and styling.

She has extensive training in both precision hair cutting and coloring. She specializes in corrective color and a dry hair cutting technique that gives a personalized, long lasting shape to the cut by working with the natural pattern of the hair, creating a low maintenance personalized style that comes from the cut. 

Healthy hair, and healthy scalp, are main areas of focus when working with clients, to help improve the quality of their hair integrity. One of her favorite services offered is the Infra Red Hair Healing Treatment. 

 Her scalp treatments are heavenly, and bring balance back to any scalp issues, including stopping hair loss and promoting hair growth.

She has a unique approach to beauty, health and beauty in balance. 

She not only beautifies the outside of ourselves, she is also a nationally certified Heart Forgiveness facilitator. This is a set of 4 sessions that bring inner joy back to your lives, releasing conscious, and many subconscious blocks that get in our way of happiness.

Jennifer is also a national wellness speaker, and Creative Director for Harmony Eco Spa in St Petersburg, Florida. Her work is flawless and beautifully executed with a genuine and caring personality. Skilled in all hair types, with a passion for creating healthy hair.